She really misses him when he's gone.

Today he turns 7 and begins his 8th trip around the sun. I remember the chunky pinky baby, I help 7 years ago so vividly. I hope the next year is nothing but great for him.

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Beuaty Fails.


I really wanted to love these products, but that wasn’t in the cards.

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Moving Hurts my Heart

I hate the sound of an empty home, and quickly my home is becoming empty of everything that makes it home. We have currently have packed the entry way, the playroom and living room. Next up comes the office and excess kitchen stuff. As the walls become empty and rooms echo. My heart breaks a little knowing that the place we have called home is rapidly becoming a memory. So much has happened here, So Many memories.

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Winter Update 2016


I thought I would share my winter update 2016 over here.

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Getting to Know Me.

I have decided to start a new series with questions that I got from a women’s faith group I am a part of. I decided that I was gonna take the list and answer them on my blog. I am going to call it Getting to know me with TexasBobbi. Feel free to answer the question in the comments, on your own blog, etc. I want to hear from you.

If money were no object where would you go on vacation?

This is a tough question for me. Since C and I didn’t go anywhere for a honeymoon. Do I want to go somewhere romantic or not? I think more then anything I would like to go to Rome/Vatican City or Washington D.C.

Long before I converted to Catholicism I have wanted to travel to the Vatican. And see all the majesty in person. Now D.C. would  be awesome to see all the Museums and Monuments. Heck with money being no object add in someway to get tour the White House and Capital.

Where would you go?  

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Finding Joy


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Today I needed a swift kick in the butt, and this quote was just it. I woke up in a mood, along with the rest of my house. We were barely on time for out physicals. Who in their right mind accepts a 7:20 doctors appointment? That is right this girl and I take 2 kids in tow for their physicals too. After running and gunning till after lunch I finally got to sit down and relax a minute. It took me a minute to find joy in this day, but in reality it was right in front of me. So what small things didn’t you see until you took a moment to reflect on the day?

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Pocket Friends.

There are so many upsides to social media, I mean twitter literally saved my life once (a story for another time). While I love my pocket friends, I was wondering if all this connecting in the digital world, is hurting my relationships. Would I be a better mother, friend, and wife if I deleted social media from my phone? That is the question I don’t know the answer too.  Balance is not something I am good at, so please don’t say that it is easy to put down the phone. That is one of those pesky things that my impulse control issues from Schizoaffective does to me. It might be as simple as removing Facebook and Twitter from my phone. Who knows, I think I am going to think about it.

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