My little world has been a bit chaotic the past few weeks. Ian went back to school and we had his IEP meeting. He will no longer be receiving speech services, this is a huge step from the non-verbal three year old that started this all. My Mama, is coming to visit for two weeks the beginning of September and I can’t wait. ┬áThen Chelsea comes for a few days. It will be fun and nice to see everyone.

How do you handle outside stressors on your mental health, there are things going on in my little world that I can’t control and can’t share on the blog. So I will be vague, sorry. How does one set boundaries that makes it where you are still helping those in need but making sure that your needs get met?

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Whats in my planner pouch

As most of you know my hobby is my planners, yes I said planners. I am a nerd what can I say. It makes me happy, and a place to release creative energy. Well along with my planner I have a planner pouch filled with accessories.

This pouch is from Forever 21 (link is directly to the product) and is actually a make up brush holder. I just repurposed it to suit my needs. It is made from pleather and has held up really well I carry it in my purse all the time and have since purchasing it in March.

I carry a ton of stuff in it and yes I have used this out in public, again I reiterate I am a nerd. I enjoy having it with me if I need stuff. No I don’t have any problems zipping it. It holds everything like a champ.

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I am selfish?

Is making myself a priority selfish. I struggle with this, I struggle with balancing caring for myself and caring for my family. I can’t imagine trying to work out of the home and balance it all. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed at where to begin that I don’t do anything at all. This happens way more then it should. I struggle with shutting down when I am overwhelmed. Do I retreat to protect myself from failure? I think I do, why am I so afraid of failing? Like I would rather not try then fail. I am afraid of failing my children, husband and family.

I struggle with keeping house, so much that it brings me to tears probably once a week. I want to keep a home like you expect from a stay at home mom. Instead, I am always drowning in laundry and needing to vacuum.

I am going to step away now before I start crying. Sorry about the abrupt ending.

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Living With Schizoaffective

A little Video about living with schizoaffective. I plan on doing more of these.

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A little diddy

I diddy a little vlog about myself.

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Moving out.

I am a planner girl, I have had paper planners since junior high. Recently I have gotten into decorating my planner and I love doing that. It helps me to be creative. Part of my self care is supposed to be crafting and in this season of life this kinda feels that void. I have been using a personal sized Filofax malden in purple. I had a pocket sized planner previously and I sold it thinking it was too small. Well I really missed the easy of carrying around it in my purse. The personal sized really limited what size purse I could carry. So I went on a hunt on ebay and found a pocket sized planner for cheap. So I decided to store my personal sized planner. Before I moved out of it I decided to film a video of my current set up. Which I have embedded below. Are any of you planner people?


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The Cursor Blinks.

The cursor has been blinking for three days, waiting for me to type. I don’t know what to say. After 11 years of blogging, am I done? I don’t want to be, I enjoy sharing but I don’t know what to share anymore. My boys stories are not mine to share anymore. With Ian in school and Ollie turning 4 in just a few weeks. I decided after a very nasty troll on an anniversary post a couple of years ago, to not really write about him anymore. What does that leave me to write about? Please give me ideas.

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