What it is like

I preface this by saying that this will be disjointed. I am not in a shiny place.  Continue reading

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I got a nose job


Just the inside, but lets hope it makes breathing easier. Since my wreck in Aug of 2002, I have had trouble breathing. I finally got brave enough to fix it. Well let me say I wouldn’t wish the week post op on my worst enemy. Removing the stints wasn’t bad but the vacuuming of my nose was panic attack inducing, we had to stop after 30 minutes. That was worse then having babies.

At Three weeks post op, I can already breath better when I don’t have a cold. I do notice my glasses slip down my nose more then they did in the past, I don’t like this. I am still super sore. Lets see what the next three weeks hold.

It's huge!!
While the stints were still in.

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Mom Amnesia

Someone remind me that this phase doesn’t last forever. I don’t remember three being this hard with Ian. Ollie is nothing but a smaller version Taz from the Looney Tunes some days. He is going a million miles an hour from the moment he wakes to the moment he passes out. He used to go to sleep so easily, most nights he is screaming until he passes out. The Other night he wanted in mine and Casey’s bed (something that doesn’t happen unless your sick) so badly that he cried in the hall way outside our door (which was open) until he passed out. I am at a loss, somedays are great but oh man the majority, I feel like I am drowning. How do I handle this with out losing my mind?

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What’s in my bag 2015

At the moment I am carrying  JuJu Be Hobobe as a purse. I am not sure if I am love with it are not. I bought it off a sales page so if I able to carry it and decided wether to keep or sell.


I feel like I have toned down what I carry, it is the water bottle pocket makes the bag lopsided.

What is in my purse 2015

I know it seems I have a ton of little pouches in my bag. I feel like they really do make it easier to find stuff.

What bag are you carrying right now?

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Something has been missing

I went to a women’s group on Thursday night and it was so refreshing. We were just ourselves. Hopefully I can make some local friends from this group. I don’t think any are army wives, which might be a blessing. There seems to be so much drama in Army Wife circles. I don’t wanna drama; I want friendship. I can’t wait to see what next wee brings.

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Inner Demons

The day that I could wake up and not have to deal with the stress  with out wanting to shop. The feeling it gives me I can’t even explain, it is like doing drugs. I don’t mean to go over budget or buy all the little things (those add up quickly). We constantly talk about in therapy about this. I am worried for the day that C doesn’t understand anymore. What will come of me. How do I learn to fix this, how do I learn to stop?

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To the Bobbi is to cheap to pay for hosting anymore and is trying her hand at wordpress.com, I think I have hit all the major platforms over the years. As of last fall I have been blogging for most of ten years. That is insane to me, I can’t go back but I remember my first post was in a computer class at TCC.  How long have you been blogging?

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